Don Bosco Anbu Illam



Shelter Home

Bosco Illam serves as a residential rehabilitation center for street and vulnerable boys who are below 18 years of age. The center gives holistic development for all the children. the major services of this children's home are the following 1.Induvidual counseling 2. Health Initiatives 3. Clubs (Eco / Spirituals / Sports / Scouts & Bands) 4. Formal Education 5. Festival Celebrations.

Saranalayam: “PLACE OF REFUGE” Don Bosco Anbu Illam provides the children with care and protection for the street and vulnerable girls. We provide the children with good education, Psycho-social care, medical care and vocational training. We do conduct lot of seminar, mega talent show, skill training programs, awareness programs in different fields to improve their skills and knowledge.
















Suffering remains as part and parcel of every one’s life but suffering alone has remained as constant companion in the travelogue of a few. One such series of continual miseries have decorated the early childhood of Amudha who has been reunited with her relatives after 9 long years. Yes. Amudha, the only child in the family was born on 19 March 1999 in Salem. One of her very first memories of childhood is the passing away of her mom when she was barely 2 or 3 years old. Ms. Rajeswari her aunt volunteered to care for the child but it did not remain longer. Owing to financial constrains she left her in a hostel. Amudha did not like the hostel life and so came out of the hostel in the same year.

She was sent as maid to a family but was not treated fairly there. On a fine day when she was not even ten, she walked off from the place. With the help of a woman who gave her ten rupees, she managed to reach Egmore railway station in the city with the intention of getting back to her grandma. When she enquired a lady police on duty as to which train she should take to reach Salem, the police got to know the intention of the child, rescued her and referred her to Anbu Illam. The child was produced before the CWC and was given to the care of DBAI. Since then the Amudha resides with us and is now doing her X standard in St. Anne’s Hr. Sec. School, Royapuram. Although more than once she expressed her desire to be reunited with her relatives, owing to lack of details it was not possible for a long time. Of late when this desire grew strong, efforts were resumed and an opportunity also came her way.

‘Puduyugam’ channel that organizes programme on the title Uravai Thedi restoring the lost children with their families, offered to help Ms. Amudha and Ms. Priya from our shelter home. They shared their experiences to the media personnel details to the best of their knowledge and efforts were launched to find their relatives in Salem. Providentially they were found for Amudha and in a show organized on the 24 September 2016 she met her relatives now after 9 long years. Fr. Joseph Leo, the director, Sr. Jayaseeli the shelter home in charge for girls and Ms. Preethi were also present on the sets for the event. Amudha was a happy Child in the world upon being restored to her family and her happiness could never be measured or sufficiently described.