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I. Nine years later, don bosco anbu illam reunites the child with his parents

On 1stJuly 2007, a seven year old Muhammed was in tears as he was stranded near the entrance of the Central Railway Station, Chennai. He had lost his mother in the crowd. Don Bosco Anbu Illam (DBAI) Child Line staff rescued the child from Central Railway.
Muhammed, who hails from Jabalpur lived with his family at Jabalpur. Due to some legal issues, his father was sentenced to jail. His mother was in dressed situation left home along with her two children (Muhammed,& a nine-month boy child) and took the train from Jabalpur to Kanniyakumari. As the trained reached Chennai, the mother and the children alighted in Central station.
“It was really hard for me to see my mother, giving my brother, 9 months old to a stranger” said Muhammed to the counsellor in one of the session. He was bit worried what may happen to him. That night, Muhammed and his mother had stayed in the railway station. Later, they took n return train and reached Chennai Central Railway Station after which the mother had left the child and had gone. Like any other child, Muhammed had searched for his mother in and around the Central Railway Station, until he was rescused. He could not utter a word in Tamil and was unable to respond to the queries during rescue. The DBAI Child Line team provided the child with necessary care and psychological support.
The child was produced in the presence of Chennai Child Welfare Committee members. He was referred to the shelter home run by Don Bosco Anbu Illam for care and protection. Since the parents could not be identified later the child was regularized by CWC for a long term stay in DBAI. During his stay at Anbu Illam, many times he cried missing his parents & relatives immensely; though he was very hopeful that one day he would find his parents.
Muhammed was enrolled in St Joseph’s school. He was a good student and displayed a keen interest in running and high jump. He even represented the district at the annual sports meet, with the encouragement and the support from Anbu Illam. Currently he was studying in 8th class. Since all the information of Muhammed was captured and updated in Child MISS, the counselor could get maximum information about him and accordingly the necessary information was processed and sent to Child Line, Regional office to be submitted to Child Line, Jabalpur for further inquiry. Later Anbu Illam staff made follow-up with Child Line. Finally, after a long struggle we were able to find his family, through the support of Jabalpur Child Line and the local police at Jabalpur.
On 2nd April’16, Parent (father) of the child reached DBAI, with the letter from Jabalpur Childline. The father was accompanied by the police officer from Gohalpur, Jabalpur (M.P.) along with the uncle of Muhammed. DBAI immediately went through all the verification process as well as made arrangements for Muhammed to meet his father after the lapse of nine long and awaiting years! Meanwhile, Information was given to the respective Child Welfare Committee Member for restoration process.
Muhammed was brought to DBAI Administrative Office from the residential centre. As soon as he saw his Uncle, who was standing outside our office, he just grabbed his uncle and gave him a big hug and kissed with tears rolling down from his eyes. Later he met his mother Shehnaz and father Muhammad Hussein. The encounter was very passionate as they broke down on seeing their son and couldn’t stop hugging himand neither could he. In fact it was a “speechless expression of love”.
The moment he saw his father all he asked was “where is my brother?” “I want to find him,” he said in Tamil looking at his father, who was trying hard to figure out the language. Muhammed also shared about his interest towards athletics. “I want to become a cricketer one day and that’s my only aim,” he said. His father had bought a Hindi to Tamil translation dictionary, so that he can understand what he says. “We’ll teach him Hindi,” said Muhammad Hussein, his father.
Then on 4th April 2016, the child was produced before Child Welfare Committee and was restored to his parents officially. Currently the child is in Don Bosco Anbu Illam and he is yet to finish his studies in 8th class and the annual Examination. Sometimes feelings are hard to express with words and often we find ourselves speechless. Every child is unique and special, so also Muhammed. Even though we do restoration process each and every day, but still we become speechless; when we see our children restored to his/her family, after a long emotional struggle.
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II. Action Report on Child Marriage

Ms.Jayamala( known as ,Ms.Valli), aged 15, hails from Tiruvalangadu, Tiruvelluver district. She is a 10th standard student studying at Tiruvalangadu Govt. H.S. School. Her parents are Mr. mani and Mrs. Maliga. She has an elder sister of 17 years old. They belong to schedule tribe community.
Ms.Jayamala( known as ,Ms.Valli) is getting ready for 10th std Board Examination, due to begin on 8th March 2017. Meantime, her parents want her to get married to Mr. Vinai, her cousin, from Vyasarpadi, since she is reported to be in love with some boys. The parents stated that they are very sick and wanted the girl to get married. As per the wish of parents, they had planned to conduct the marriage ceremony at Velankanni Madha Church, Besant Nagar, on 3rd March, 2017. The marriage was fixed for Ms.Jayamala( known as ,Ms.Valli)with her cousin, Mr. Vinai, aged 29 years.
Don Bosco Anbu Illam–CHILDLINE 1098 received a call on 2nd March, 2017 at 10.40 PM from Mr. Enoch Moses. The call was about a child marriage on 3rd March Morning. Three Childline staff reached Adyar. Later the caller informed the staff to go towards Besant Nagar and meet at Velankanni Madha Church. After confirming of the said marriage, once again the Childline Coordinator Mr. Prabhakaran, informed Mr. Vinoth from DCPU-Chennai and Police officers from J2 Police station about the incident of child marriage. They carried out a proper and multi-method of case verification and Ms.Jayamala( known as ,Ms.Valli) was rescued from Child marriage. Meantime, on receiving information from the caller some media personnel arrived at the sight. The Childline Coordinator also informed DSW, DCPU & CIC-Chennai and followed their instructions and successfully proceeded with the rescue. At around 12.00 Noon, the Childline staff brought Ms. Valarmathi to CWC Office, at Govt. Girls’ Home, Kellys. The girl was produced before CWC Members (Reference No. 42/17).