Don Bosco Anbu Illam





This is situated near the central railway station. This service as an head office of Don Bosco Anbu Illam. The office was opened on 1987 at present it services as a drop in center for the Young at risk. We are an associate organization of Childline (1098). ). We are also involved in slum intervention programmes targeting children, youth and women who belong to the most vulnerable sections of the society.

  •   Counseling for Children
  •   Parental Counseling
  •   Day-Night Open Shelters
  •   Recreational Activities
  •   Missing Child search Network
  •   Child Training and Follow up
  •   Indoor and Outdoor Activities
  •   Picnics
  •   Sessions on Health and Hygiene
  •   Literacy Classes
  •   Value Imparting Program
  •   De-addiction Camps
  •   Orientation and Overnight Camps
  •   Saving Schemes
  •   Don Bosco Fest


Don Bosco Anbu Illam social service society 
No.25,Kulandai Street, Park Town , Chennai - 03

Phone: 044-25352101 / 6885

Bosco Illam

It’s a home for street and vulnerable children for boys, started functioning from May 2007 to provide long term rehabilitation. Children are given shelter, food, clothes, medical assistance, formal and non-formal education and vocational skill training. It is registered under JJ act 2015.

  •   Child & Family Counseling
  •   Enrollment into Formal Education
  •   Awareness on Health & Hygiene
  •   Recreational Activities
  •   Home Integration and Repatriation
  •   Special Juvenile Police Unit (SJPU)
  •   Don Bosco Fest
  •   Prayer Services
  •   Children’s Day Celebration
  •   Craft Works
  •   Value Imparting Programs
  •   Orientation Programs
  •   Various Religions Celebration

Bosco Illam: MKB Nagar

Address: # 06, Sarvapalli Street, Malleshwari Nagar, Erukkanchery, Chennai - 600118

Mobile: +91 9003822202


It provides the children with care and protection for the vulnerable girls. It provides shelter, Education and life Skills. It becomes a place of refuge for the homeless and the orphan children. The place is beautifully located in a green and clean environment.

  •   Family Counselling
  •   Counselling
  •   Career Guidance
  •   Awareness program on Health & Hygiene
  •   Motivation for Vocational Training
  •   Job Placement & Room Placement
  •   Recreational Facilities
  •   Indoor & Outdoor Games
  •   Life Orientation Programs
  •   Screen Printing
  •   Driving License Program
  •   Self Employment Program
  •   Talent Enhancement Program
  •   Festival Day Celebration
  •   Christmas celebration with neighbours
  •   Picnic

Saranalayam: Girls Home

Address: #64, Pope Jones Garden M M C Post, Madhavaram, Chennai - 600051

Mobile: +91 8939335756

After Care Home

It started in the year of 1991 for the Rag-Pickers. It was used as open shelter for the boys. Those boys were rescued through Street contact, Child line or through referrals, are accommodated temporarily for about 3-6 months in the open shelter. At present it has become home that cares for adults who are above 18 years old. The college going students and those who go for technical education are given temporary stay in this home

  •   Child / Family Counselling
  •   Open Shelter
  •   Evening Tuition Classes
  •   Recreational Activities
  •   Awareness Program on Health
  •   De- addiction Camps
  •   Literacy Classes
  •   Orientation and Overnight Camps
  •   Value Imparting Programs
  •   Yoga Classes
  •   Tailoring Class
  •   Slum Development Programs
  •   Women Empowerment
  •   Right Based Activities
  •  Creation of Caring Community
  •  Institutional Placement
  •  Formal Education

After Care Home: Royapuram

Address: #15, Cemetry Road, Royapuram, Chennai: 600013

Mobile: +91 9962373418

ASKE Centre

ASKE stands for attitude, Skills, Knowledge and Empowerment. The youth from the slums and other disadvantaged sections of the society are provided with skill and technical training that has demand in the job market..School Drop-outs and youth who are unwilling to do higher studies and those who are unable to go for higher studies are provided with opportunities to equip them with skills that would provide them with job opportunities.

  •   Counselling
  •   Vocational Training
  •   Talent Enhancement Program
  •   Life Orientation Programs
  •   Self Employment Programs
  •   Picnic
  •   Various competitions
  •   Don Bosco Fest
  •   Alternative Education Program
  •   Christmas Celebration
  •   Indoor & Outdoor Games

ASKE Centre: Vocational Training Centre

Address: # 60, Malaiappan Street, Mannady, Chennai: 600108

Phone: +91-44-25271098


The Centre at Katpadi was established at the end of 2006. In the beginning the Centre was housed in rented buildings. Presently, the Centre has been allotted space in the campus of St. Joseph’s Boys’ Home, Katpadi. Till date more than 2144children have been rescued.

  •   Counselling
  •   Vocational Training
  •   Talent Enhancement Program
  •   Life Orientation Programs
  •   Self Employment Programs
  •   Picnic
  •   Various competitions
  •   Don Bosco Fest
  •   Alternative Education Program
  •   Christmas Celebration
  •   Indoor & Outdoor Games

Extension Services for DB Katpadi

Address: St. Joseph boy’s home campus, Katpadi, Vellore – 632007

Phone: +91 9244999949


This is the fulfillment of a long awaited dream of Bosco, a centre for the School going street children. It came into existence on 10of September, 2006. We have around 50 children who stay and go to regular schools. There are professional staffs for assisting in their educational endeavors.

The children are sent to coaching indifferent games. We also have Bosco band played by our own children from the Vikas. This is a centre which combines education and lot of talent enhancement programs for the overall development of the children.

  •   Education For the Children
  •   Coaching in Swimming
  •   Yoga Classes
  •   Outdoor And Indoor Games
  •   Band Practice
  •   Hockey Practice
  •   Cricket, Volley Ball, Foot Ball
  •   Personality & Talent Enhancement Programs
  •   Summer Camp
  •   Tuition Classes
  •   Awareness Programs
  •   Don BOSCO Fest
  •   Christmas Celebrations
  •   Soft- Skills Training, Capacity Building and Personality Development Program

OUR SEED (Slum Education Empowerment and Development ) CENTRES

Annai Sathya Nagar, Otteri, Pallavan Salai, Flower Bazaar, Thiruvotriyur, Neduchelizhan Nagar, Jakkapuram.